#FanficThursday – “In times of peace” (Seven Deadly Sins) – Chapter 1

Chapter 1 – The return to normal

“They’re back! Sins are back!”

The scream of the guards reverberated over the tower walls as they ran up the stairs to the party room. However, since King’s sphere of transport was not the most discreet in the world either, some of those attending the celebration had already noticed that they were approaching just by looking out the window. 

Among them, Elaine and Hawk had been the first to see it, as they had sat waiting on the balcony. And the fairy was about to fly down the facade to meet them, if it hadn’t been for the bad-taste of leaving the poor Purgatory pig on its own, running down the stairs. 

However, when she saw the marabout heading towards the abovementioned, where everyone seemed to be in a hurry to pass first, Elaine thought better of it.

“Hey, Hawk,” she called, turning to the strange animal. “Would you like to fly down? We’ll avoid the crowds.”

The pig, however, looked at her as if she were crazy.

“But what’s gotten into your head, Elaine? It’s too high!”

The fairy smiled at him, took him in her arms, and, ignoring his protests, jumped nimbly off the balcony, spread her wings, and descended the entire length of the tower into the courtyard while Hawk kicked and cried in her arms. 

When they finally landed on the cobbled ground, amidst all the commotion, the talking pig immediately turned to face the fairy, who was so unashamed to give him such a hard time. But he was surprised to find her not at his side. On the contrary, she had already reached a five feet height while she peered around, harrowed. At least until she glimpsed what she was looking for. Then, her face twisted into a grimace of deep joy and relief, all in one. Before Hawk could get her attention, Elaine shot out of the air into the area occupied by the heroes of the moment.

“Ban!” She shouted.

Her beloved immediately raised his head at the sight of her, then smiled as he took her in his arms and, by inertia, twirled her twice in the air, turning her over.


She smiled and, as soon as Ban lowered her, she rushed to kiss him without further ado. A gesture that he returned without hesitation and, of course, raised several whistles of approval and jokes in equal parts around them.

“Hey! You two!” King came between the two of them, overcome by a sudden sense of shame. “Stop it! You’re making a show of yourselves.”

Ban and Elaine then looked around. She got suddenly inhibited by the attention she drew. He stared just with the idleness that comes from not caring what others think.

“So let them find a girl of their own if they don’t like to stare, eh?” Ban exclaimed without acrimony, making King even redder with anger.

“You are incorrigible, Ban…” he screeched.

The human, on the other hand, ignored him completely. On the other hand, he simply passed a slightly more chaste arm around Elaine’s waist and accompanied everyone back to the castle. Perhaps he could still have one more beer before going to sleep. The fight with Chaos had no doubt dispelled his previous drunkenness almost forever. And now, his body just asked him to enjoy with Elaine as much as possible. Despite the tightness of her attire, the fairy girl looked more beautiful than ever that night. She smiled, laughed with the girls at any joke or nonsense — In short, for Ban, it was like watching an earthly star shine and stand out from the crowd.

A few hours later, in the early hours of the morning, the two lovers finally decided to leave the party and return to Elaine’s little house in Liones. On the way, they chatted and laughed without worrying. When they finally entered the house, a quiet half-light greeted them, only cleared by the soft moonlight coming through the window. Although it was only a few days ago, it seemed as if an eternity had passed since they had last slept there; when Elisabeth almost died, and the demon king resurfaced. 

However, before Elaine had time to even think about it-on how much she had feared that Ban would not return to her side-the man in question hugged her from behind and began to kiss her neck. He was slow, cuddly, but his manners had a clear erotic intention that Elaine did not intend to reject. Not that night. 

For that reason, the fairy immediately arched when she felt his lips and gasped hard, having thoughts very similar to his. After having put an end to all the evil that threatened their lives, Elaine and Ban only wanted to undress each other with passion, lie down in bed, make love without haste and enjoy every inch of each other’s skin until the sun came out.

The fairy raised a hand to hold Ban’s neck, groaning quietly, before turning around and kissing him in return, running her arms around his nape. 

“Ban…” she whispered between his lips. “My love…”

He sighed.


It was clear, however, that words were left between the two of them when his fingers began, with some urgency, to untie the bodice that imprisoned Elaine’s torso; as she wrapped her legs around his waist and began to slide her hands under his red leather jacket. 

Advancing to the bed, Ban allowed himself to be undressed from the waist up before standing her on the bed and, with infinite care, removing the chaste dress she had chosen for the night. In his opinion, just a pose of youthful innocence that hid the real woman below. Who showed herself without any concealment as soon as the two were in intimacy. And that drove Ban completely crazy. 

Once undressed, Elaine’s wings vibrated in the half-light behind her back, as if reflecting her wishes. She, holding her inner race, could barely avoid biting her lip in anticipation as she watched Ban slowly pull down his trousers while looking at her and then standing upright with a mischievous half-smile on his face. 

Elaine groaned underneath before linking her lips to his again and pressing against his skin―smooth, warm, and perfect. The human then went on to caress every inch of Elaine with equal desire and reverence. That body was no longer that of a child, as it was when he met her. It was that of a whole woman, and it called on him to make it his own, more than any other in his entire life. 

At the touch of his expert fingers, Elaine thought that she would faint before starting, such as the desire that thundered in her veins. At least, before he whispered in her ear:

“Lay down, Elaine.”

She obeyed without hesitation, confident, as he followed next to her, joining their lips again in almost a single movement. Elaine groaned against his mouth as their tongues played ceaselessly. Ban felt that something in him wanted to go further right away, but his more rational side managed to suppress the instinct in time; meanwhile, his lips temporarily abandoned hers and began to descend unhurriedly over her tiny body. First, traveling her neck and chest. Then, delaying the tongue in the most sensitive areas and making Elaine arch back, eager. Then, his mouth went through her smooth and flat belly, the perfect lines of her waist, that paradise of hips she had — until arriving in her pubic area. 

Leaning between those beautiful legs, Ban effortlessly found that Elaine was ready for him no doubt. But after all that had happened, he did not intend to deny her even one tiny bit of pleasure. Besides — who was in a hurry? While he was making her enjoy herself, Fox’s Sin saw his beloved writhing in ecstasy if he only opened his eyes. Clinging to the sheets and with her eyelids closed, which only accelerated his pulse more and more. 

Elaine felt herself floating in a divine trance from which she wished she could never emerge, on the other hand. Ban’s tongue was also delicate and precise; he knew well where to insist and where to rest so that Elaine could enjoy without hurry, but without pause. At least, until the young fairy could no longer restrain herself and emitted a sharp cry of pleasure under his expert touch. 

He then laughed low, unable to avoid it, before focusing her with one erotically-charged scarlet eye. 

“I’m glad you like this, Elaine,” he said quietly, amused. 

She nodded eagerly. 

“So much,” she gasped, trembling before he went on with his work. “Oh, Ban!”

The fairy urgently took the pillow and drowned out the next moan in its softness. It was true. The house was more or less far from earshot. Nevertheless, Elaine felt such a need to shriek with joy that someone could have even heard her in the distant, rundown Camelot if Elaine didn’t take some precautions.


But he barely listened to her anymore. Having her like this before him was more than his chivalry could bear. So he kept up the pace until the intense shaking of the girl’s legs, her screams drowned out by the pillow, and one of her hands softly pushing on his forehead gave him a hint that she had just reached heaven and beyond. 

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