“Since the world was world, Humanity has been in need of beliefs: Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Iberians, Sumerians, Arabs, Pre-Columbians, Aboriginal people from all over the world…every civilization saw the world in its own way and had its own divinities, each more diverse than the other. 

“However, almost all agreed on the existence of something basic and fundamental to the existence of the world itself: the conjugation of four fundamental Elements. These were Earth, Water, Air and Fire which, combined, gave rise to everything on the face of the planet. Those four Elements, the shamans, witches and healers, revered them almost as true deities, the true fathers of the world. And so, on occasion, they would invoke their unlimited power in order to save their people from disaster or in order to help them prosper. 

“Legend has it that, from time to time, those prayers were heard and the spirits would inhabit the body of four humans, usually of those in humble positions, or those who did not harbor evil within. All in order to help Humanity survive. Sometimes those humans were identified and revered; other times, persecuted and even killed. But the Elements would become part of Nature once again, until the world claimed them again.