#FanficThursday: The Only One (Camille and Moose) – Step Up – Chapter 28

Chapter 28 – You Should Call Sean (Los Angeles)

Alyson Stoner in the set of ‘Step Up: All In’

Camille just curled up next to me. I can feel her skin brushing against mine and her breath coming in quietly. I can’t see her face from up here, since her head has rested on the curve of my shoulder and her bangs hide her eyes, but I swear she’s asleep. The light from the little lamp that adorns our simple bedside table is still on, but I decide not to turn it off. On the contrary, I stare at the ceiling, pensive, unable to prevent my fingers from getting tangled in her brown curls, slowly running through them.

I’ve been an idiot. I can’t get that idea out of my head. If I hadn’t agreed to join that stupid Vortex craze, I wouldn’t have gone to Vegas and…

Frustrated, I shake my head a little and rub my eyes. I’m tired, but the sour memory of that blonde’s lips, worthy of the best Playboy magazine on the other hand, on mine, makes my stomach turn and I feel like the worst of cretins. And more and more. I almost lost Camille because of my stupid ego. Because I thought it was OK to go to ‘Sin City’ itself and try to help a friend.

I know, Sean in this case is not to blame for anything; neither is Andie. Not even Camille, who supported me every step of the way and just wanted to surprise me… 

Kid, you’re an idiot, I’m recriminating myself again, mentally, without mercy. 

What the hell was I thinking, taking a stranger out dancing?

However, at that moment a caress on the stomach area makes me come back to reality, fortunately much more pleasant.

“You should call Sean”, Camille then advises me.

No, she wasn’t asleep. Of course, I don’t feel like calling him either. I know I should, but just the thought of Vegas turns my stomach. Maybe that’s why I’m just grunting my head off. But I should know that Camille doesn’t give up easily. And it’s even clearer to me when she faces me with a reproachful expression.

“Moose…”, she whispers in a warning tone.

I, however, just squirm on the spot and stare back as calmly as I can. It’s a bit difficult if her beautiful brown eyes are staring at me so intently. About an hour ago, I came home, went up to the terrace to look for her, apologized and we made up with a succession of increasingly warm kisses that hit our bones in bed, making love as if there were no tomorrow. Don’t get me wrong: in general, our relationship is quite intense in that sense. But it’s been months since I’ve remembered a session like this.

“Seriously? You don’t even want to know if they’ve won?”

I try to camouflage a gesture of displeasure before responding.

“Camille, I don’t want to think about The Vortex right now,” I say, convinced. She’s right, I can’t give up the spotlight, dancing, enjoying myself on stage. But I have also discovered, the hard way, that there are things that I will not give up either. “I almost lost you because of that stupid contest, and I’m not going to take the bait again,” I stroke the edge of her chin. “Not this time,” I inhale deeply, trying to disguise the pain that I am supposed to have left behind one of my best friends. “Not even for Sean.”

However, Camille doesn’t seem to be as affected by my argument as I thought she would be. She takes it as read.

“Well,” she says calmly, shrugs her shoulders and shows a part of her anatomy which I don’t want to think about now either. More than anything, so as not to do anything crazy… again. “Nobody says you have to run back to the final,” she admits. “But you don’t want to know if they’ve beaten The Mob? After all, it’s Sean’s old band…This had to affect him”, at that point, she bites her lip with an expression that tells me she’s pondering what to say. And, for some reason, that gives me goosebumps. “And now, whatever the outcome, he needs a friend more than ever.”

I sigh and surrender. Hit and sunk. The truth―I don’t know how she does it, but Camille has the amazing ability to set me up without me even noticing until I’m in it up to my neck. However, her pleading gaze gets me, after a few seconds, to pick up my cell phone and call Sean.

After all, it’s all right just to ask, isn’t it?

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