I knew it would come (Ban and Elaine)

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The party was over just a few minutes ago and everyone was leaving the inn, orderly or not, and most of them with more beer than they should in their stomachs.

After bidding farewell, Ban and Elaine walked back to Liones together. Ban went forward, hunched over, his eyes fixed on the ground, one hand clutching his beloved’s hand, little more than instinct. The news about Meliodas’ new nature and what it entailed only managed to squeeze his heart in a very unpleasant way. He was to lose him. Again. Ban, despite invulnerable on the outside, knew that he was not so much on the inside. And that put him in an even worse mood.

Elaine flew along with him, quietly, as the sky became more and more overcast and the wind began to get nasty around them. The night was threatening a storm, but the young fairy suspected that it was not going to be an ordinary storm, and that made her hair stand on end. She just wanted to take refuge in Ban’s arms until it was over, cradled forever against his warm skin.

So, when they passed by the tower that was almost a home for the girl, she sighed and stopped slowly by the staircase railing, still floating in the air. Ban slowed down in his turn and turned around, suddenly returning to reality. Elaine smiled slightly at him and brushed her blond hair behind her ear, unsure.

“Would you like to stay the night, Ban? ” She asked with her cheeks a slight shade of red. “I don’t feel like sleeping alone tonight.”

He watched her for a couple of seconds when he almost didn’t seem to see her. But then his expression changed and a little smile came to his lips.

“Yeah, sure, I do,” he accepted, taking her hand. “I will never leave you alone again, and you know it.”

Elaine laughed sweetly.

“I know, and I don’t want you to leave. Ever,” she said as both reached the door and entered the little house.

It had only one big room where the bedroom and the dining room were indistinguishable from the living room. Nevertheless, since her partial resurrection, and even though it was nothing like the woods of her childhood and early youth, Elaine learned to appreciate that modest corner until it felt like home. 

The fairy sighed. There was something she was dying to do with Ban that night if only to prove that the one time they made it, it was not a dream; that, indeed, their memories were what they should be. But, unwittingly, the girl felt a slight embarrassment that forced her to bite her lip before she could say anything. Her cheeks began to turn a glowing red, which inevitably drew Ban’s attention.

“Hey, what’s up?”

The young woman looked up, daring to face his rouge eyes. He looked serene. So Elaine, summoning up her courage, decided that it was actions, not words, that should answer that question. So, a second later, her lips and hands joined his almost at the same time, to the human’s initial surprise. However, when he began to kiss her back more intensely and moved forward with her in his arms towards the bed, the fairy chose to let herself go. It was going to be the first time they were going to sleep together after Elaine’s complete resurrection and she felt like a real novice. When they reached the height of the mattress, Elaine had already shaken off her slippers on the way and let herself stand on the sheets. While her fingers carefully removed Ban’s jacket, his fingers looked one by one for the hooks in her dress and unbuttoned them with infinite care as the dress was silk-made. 

Elaine stood on the bed when she was completely naked, showing the immortal human all her new beauty without any concealment. As tall as she was standing on the bed, Ban looked at her from top to bottom with his eyes shining with desire. He admired how that body was no longer that of the girl he had known twenty years before, but that of a perfect woman, with soft and precise curves and with nothing to clash with the rest. Almost as if asking permission to do so, Ban brought his hands close to her waist and ascended very slowly, caressing the fairy’s smooth, eternally youthful skin, until he brushed her breasts with his thumbs. She was so small, so fragile that the former bandit was almost afraid of what her body was asking him to do with her. Elaine, for her part, closed her eyes and groaned very softly at his caresses, as if she were almost ashamed to enjoy them.

Ban then passed one hand behind her back and the other cradled her chin with infinite care, while their lips slowly joined, and their tongues began to play, more and more anxiously. Elaine buried one hand in his white hair while the other descended, trembling, to the zipper of his scarlet trousers. For the umpteenth time, she reminded herself that this was not the first time they had been together like this and that she had nothing to worry about; but part of her made her see that now, being in life and not on the brink of death, Elaine could feel everything much more intensely. And it was terrifying.

As she caressed Ban with a certain shyness, hearing him moaning in her ear, holding her against him, and even more so when he decided to undress completely and lay her on the bed, Elaine thought her heart would come out of her chest. When Ban knelt between her legs and caressed her first, slowly, then he recognized her intimacy with his tongue. Afterward, when she was on the verge of fainting, he entered her body very slowly. Elaine felt her wings eagerly flapping between the sheets. Ban, on his part, moved over her body and tried to make their skins fit without hurry, inch by inch.

“Are you alright?” asked Ban at one point, when their bond was already almost perfect, sensing a certain tension in his beloved.

Elaine nodded, smiling conciliatory, but she also stood up a few inches as if by instinct, causing her wings to flap more intensely on her back.

“Forgive me. I think ‘they’ don’t like to be blocked,” excused the fairy, innocent.

But Ban merely smiled and stood up, holding Elaine in one arm as he did so. She allowed him, half-surprised and half-excited. All until she found herself almost sitting astride a kneeling Ban, who immediately made her hug him with her legs.

“Better?” He wanted to know. “Are you comfortable?”

Elaine flapped her wings, and they responded with pleasure to that newfound freedom. Then the young fairy looked at her lover and smiled accordingly:

“Yes, I’m ready.”

Few things can surprise a fairy who has lived almost a thousand years, just as the monotony of the days means that few memories get stuck into their brains. But that night would certainly never be erased from the mind of the fairy princess. Not being the first time she and Ban had slept together, Elaine felt a little more confident in her movements and recognized the sensations that the intimate touch aroused more naturally. But she also marveled at how many nuances something as simple as making love could have, as the minutes passed and they remained linked, moving as if they were almost one. Ban was also watching the girl’s every reaction. Every move and every attempt to give him pleasure. He gently guided her. At least, until Elaine finally felt again that potent, pleasant shivering, which seemed to leave her without strength every time she joined Ban in intimacy. She could not yet name it, but she loved it.

When they at last finished, being her the one who ruled over Ban’s body this time and making him enjoy it as never before, both lovers collapsed on the bed, exhausted, while the wind continued to whip the walls and the roof of the house more and more intensely. They had not even been aware of the storm outside the whole time they had been indoors. But an involuntary jump from the fairy princess, after a crack that seemed to want to break the little tower in two, made the human embrace her lovingly against his chest.

“Hey, ‘you alright, Elaine?”

She hugged his side without answering right away.

“I feel something in the air,” she confessed, showing off her natural fairy intuition. “It’s… disturbing.”

Ban stroked her hair, not too worried.

“We need to rest, you more than anyone else,” he advised in a low voice, depositing a kiss on her forehead. “It isn’t every day that you return to the world of the living. Is it? I think you got enough thrill for the day…”

Elaine laughed against his skin and settled down on his shoulder.

“I’m sorry you had to make that sacrifice for me,” the girl acknowledged.

Ban stretched out like a cat, not giving it any more thought.

“I’m fine,” he said, “better than that, especially if you’re fine.”

Elaine smiled and looked him in the eye.

“I love you, Ban.”

He stroked her cheek.

“And I love you, Elaine. I got what I wanted: to bring you back. And no one, not even a stupid storm, will ever take me away from you again. ‘You hear me?”

She widened her smile before curling up again in the hollow of his right arm. He took her in, and both lovers stared at the ceiling that was shaking from a force that was not entirely unknown. At peace with themselves, but inwardly preoccupied. Their thoughts, deep down, did not differ so much from one another. And Elaine knew it. At least, until the first dream of the night overcame them and her eyes closed for a few hours. However, Elaine woke up again with a start a few minutes later. She had sensed something.

This story continues in Chapter 308 of Nanatsu No Taizai Manga