#FanficThursday: The Only One (Camille and Moose) – Step Up – Chapter 27

Chapter 27 – I have the person I want to dance with (Los Angeles)

Camille & Moose, Step Up: All In

A week later…

For a few minutes, we remain embraced on the rooftop, hoping that the moment will never end. My head rests on his shoulder, but I look up at the Hollywood hill and my thoughts fly. It’s as if I’ve ascended from hell to heaven in just five minutes… Or at least, let’s say, to a turbulence-free halfway point.

Slowly, I turn away and look up at him. His dark pupils are sticking into mine. We don’t talk, we don’t have to. My mouth rises again to find his as he bows. My fingers immediately grab hold of his curls, and his fingers push my back to get closer to his body. His tongue and mine recognize each other and play in an endless dance. At one point, he pushes me nonviolently over the railing, making my hands look for a grip on the metal. Without wanting to, I open my legs and notice his desire as soon as he makes his anatomy fit mine. I tilt my head back while he kisses my neck and close my eyes, without worrying momentarily about who might be watching. Because, frankly, I don’t give a damn.

However, even though one of his hands has passed from bottom to top caressing my clothes and making me moan with desire, Moose ends up taking me by the hand to lead me inside the building with a smile that shows his intentions, identical to mine. There’s a better place for our purposes.

When I reach the apartment door, I push him against it and grab him by the collar of his shirt to kiss him roughly while he slips a hand under my clothes without thinking twice. With the other, after a while, he manages to open it inwards and we are both about to fall onto the nearest piece of furniture―a shelf for the trainers―but we hold on in time as we laugh and close behind our backs.

The entrance to the bedroom is just a few steps away and while he takes off his jacket and I take off my sweater, we go in far enough so that the feeling of intimacy is total. Without giving him any more time to react, I push him against the wall and smile maliciously as I kneel in front of him, kissing one by one his perfectly marked abs―I told him at the time that he was not in shape, but deep down I know that this is not true and the rehearsals for The Vortex have only worked wonders in this respect―making him throw his head back with a whimper, before going down a little further; he deserves an ‘exemplary punishment’ for what he has done and I intend to act accordingly. As I imagined, I soon notice his hands in my hair and hear his pleading moans, but I know him well enough to know when I should stop and when I should not.

As soon as I release him I get my ‘punishment’―or my ‘apology’, as the case may be―in return, of course. Thus, my pants and underwear follow the same path as his and already naked both, he separates my knees to do his work while I cannot suppress the screams of pleasure or the climax any longer, which shows my arched back and his name shooting out of my throat.

But the best is yet to come.

We make love like never before: that is, all desire and passion, zero contention. Indeed, we have always understood each other well in bed, but this feeling is new. Not even previous reconciliations, like the one in New York when he came back from Miami, can compare to this one.

I don’t remember any session like this in the six years we’ve been together; it barely compares to our first time at Tyler’s. He moves, I move. My hands clutch his back or his hands caress my breasts and my stomach as he moans my name followed by all sorts of precious phrases that only make me want to eternalize this moment even more than the one on the roof.

I tell him how much I love him, he replies that without me he would not be able to live. Second by second, our whispers mingle until we reach the wonderful end.

And when we separate, even though he reaches out his hand to light the lamp on the table, I am unable to move from his side and I embrace his side as if it were going to disappear from one moment to the next. He surrounds me with one arm and caresses my back, but I do not give in to sleep right away.

Because, although I don’t want to think about it, part of me an hour ago thought I’d lost him forever.

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