Fanfiction Index

Hi! Welcome to this index for the stories already published in this blog. Remember that, if you want to check the original versions in Spanish, you can click on the link under each section and just search for it in the corresponding blog 🙂 Happy reading, everyone!


Our little, big future

Chapter 1 / Chapter 2 /Chapter 3


Out of curiosity (Cars 3)

This is Halloween (Cars 3)

Dragon Ball GT

Happy 50th birthday (Vegeta and Bulma)

Dragon Ball Z

When you want to come back (Vegeta and Bulma)

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3

How to train your dragon (Hiccup and Astrid)

How to train your dragon #2

Don’t look back (HTTYD 2)

Race to the Edge Series

How we have changed (RTTE)

About to lose you (RTTE)

Full Metal Alchemist – Brotherhood (manga/anime)

I won’t do it again (Roy and Riza)

Part 1 / Part 2

Let’s love in freedom (Roy and Riza)

Chapter 1 / Chapter 2 / Chapter 3


I Ka Hale

Seven Deadly Sins

Eternal Love (Ban and Elaine)

Chapter 1 / Chapter 2 / Chapter 3 / Chapter 4 / Chapter 5 / Chapter 6

I knew it would come (Ban & Elaine)

Star Wars

I love you and you know it (Han and Leia, Episode VII)

Infinite (Episode VIII)

Spanish versions here