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Hi! Welcome to this index for the stories already published in this blog. Remember that, if you want to check the original versions in Spanish, you can find them through this link (El Rincón Escritor de Paula) Happy reading, everyone!


10 Fast Facts About Cars | Mental Floss

Chicken Run

Pacmangirl1853 on Twitter: "If i get Chickens in the future, i'm naming  them after Ginger and Rocky from Chicken Run OH WAIT… "

Divinity Original Sin 2

Where the heart takes you

Dragon Ball GT

Pin on Pride & Prejudice and more 'hate to love' stories (ง'̀-'́)ง ➞ ♡‿♡

Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball : 5 fois où Vegeta a laissé transparaître ses véritables  sentiments pour Bulma - Manga city

Dragon Ball Z

One-shots (Vegeta and Bulma)

Vegeta finally returns | Bulma invites Vegeta to her house! Ep118 - YouTube

When you want to come back (Vegeta and Bulma)

Dragon Ball Z - Bulma Finds Out Trunks is Her Son - YouTube

How to train your dragon (Hiccup and Astrid)

How to train your dragon #2

Hiccup and Astrid Cute Scene - HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON 2 (2014) Movie Clip  - YouTube

Race to the Edge Series

Hiccup and Astrid - Kiss Me | Race to the Edge - YouTube

Full Metal Alchemist – Brotherhood (manga/anime)

I won’t do it again (Roy and Riza)

Riza Hawkeye, Roy Mustang | page 14 - Zerochan Anime Image Board

Let’s love in freedom (Roy and Riza)

Don't go where I can't follow. — “Roy and Riza do not get married in manga  canon or...


Disney +: pourquoi Moana a-t-il été renommé Vaiana dans certains pays ? -  MCE TV

Seven Deadly Sins (Ban & Elaine)

I knew it would come

Eternal Love

The shortest night of the year

A special day

We won’t surrender (post-spin-off Lancelot)

BSO in Spotify


The best wish

Star Wars

Episode VII

Star Wars : cinéma, séries, jeux vidéo... Tous les projets de la saga ! -  Actus Ciné - AlloCiné

Episode VIII

Zatch Bell

Zatch Bell Sherry And Brago / Sandbox - TV Tropes

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