#FanficThursday – “In times of peace” (Seven Deadly Sins) – Chapter 2

Chapter 2 – The pieces fit again

Ban & Elaine, Yuka

“Ban, slow down… Brake…” then Elaine begged, panting, unveiling her face for a moment to face him. “Goddesses…”

He obeyed and retreated a few inches, licking himself. 

“Is everything ok?” He purred with a half-smile. 

Elaine, still breathless, was able to nod in the dark and mimic his grimace, playing along. 

“I think that… At this rate I’m going to faint,” she confessed, choking. “This… is too good… To be true. I love it.”

Ban laughed low.

“Well, I saved the best for last.” 

Elaine purred, ready before he entered her body with infinite pampering; all while she clung to his neck delicately and groaned sweetly against his skin. The human perceived every ounce of her enjoyment as if in a dream come true, even if she wasn’t sending out her thoughts. He could only kiss her, caress her body with his fingertips and try to eternalize that moment. 

At one point, the fairy lifted her body onto the mattress and Ban ran a soft hand across her lower back to hold it against him, while his other arm slid under the pillow and supported his weight on the bed. Almost without meaning to, Ban’s hips increased in rhythm and only their lips, as they eagerly linked, managed to conceal the intense moans of pleasure that immediately came from their respective bodies. 

However, when Elaine asked to take the lead, Ban did not hesitate for a moment. Secretly, he loved to watch her curl over his body; her head thrown back, her eyes closed, her hands resting on his abs. That fairy, despite her little experience, was already managing to take him to unsuspected limits; but the human swore that he would never tire of it. 

So, when they both finished, Elaine collapsed next to the big man. She panted as if she had just run several miles at once, but full of energy as never before in her life.

“Ban,” she sighed, as the two of them struggled to catch their breath. “Goddesses. I was hoping you would come back if only so we could do this again,” the fairy muttered against his skin, letting herself be cradled in his embrace and then stroking his tattoo on his left hip. “I love you, Fox’s Sin”.

Ban laughed low, flattered. It was good to feel, for the first time, that someone was not using his nickname to insult or denigrate him but, on the contrary, to appreciate him. And, without wanting to, something in Ban decided that he would never tire of hearing those three words; not if they were in Elaine’s mouth.

“The only positive thing about being the Sin of Greed has been, without a doubt, being able to steal you from the clutches of Death,” he said then, amusingly. 

Elaine smiled before winking at him. 

“I think you’ve been stealing a little more lately too,” she commented with a sneer, making him laugh a little more embarrassed. “Although you seemed almost more scared than me the first time…”

Ban felt his cheeks burn brightly before turning to the ceiling and running an arm behind his head. 

“Me? No way–It’s all in ya head…”

Elaine laughed again at her skin, enjoying that secret pleasure of biting it a little. 

“There’s nothing wrong with admitting it, eh? She provoked him, ironically, by making him snap his tongue before he chuckled again. “Besides, you can relax,” she assured him, “I think I’m starting to get used to having this enjoyment now and then… I never thought,” she admitted afterwards, “that making love to someone would be so… Well, like this.”

Touched, Ban shook his head and stroked her arm, looking at her intently. 

“I know, Elaine,” he said, a little more seriously and in the lowest voice, “but I never imagined that something like this would come into my life either. And suddenly you showed up”. 

Elaine smiled sweetly and stroked his cheek. 

“I could say the same,” she whispered, before curling up again in the hollow of his arm. “I want to do this, every night, Ban,” she confessed against his chest as his powerful arms surrounded her with infinite love. “I want to live with you. I want to see the world with you…” Elaine looked into his eyes intently. “And… If I could… I would want to be the mother of your children. Someday. Nothing would make me happier, Ban.” 

Elaine curled up against his warm skin again with some gossip and restrained emotion. At least, before repeating, in a whisper: 

“You are my only love.”

Ban’s eyes, on the other hand, were opened like plates when he heard that statement. Then he had to swallow hard before he welcomed the fairy back into his body with a stupid smile on his face. Mainly to undo the knot of emotion that had taken over his throat.

It was true that, until then, starting a family was not a topic that the two of them had talked about much. In fact, despite the anatomical similarities, how the fairies and the humans were born and reproduced was, let’s say, a little different. But at that moment, having his only love clinging to his skin, Ban believed that anything was possible in a future that now seemed perfect to him. And just imagining the prospect of having children with his beloved made him want to scream for joy. 

“Elaine,” he sighed, excited, girding her with one arm. “Oh, goddesses. I think that’s for sure the nicest thing anyone ever said to me,” Ban made a sovereign effort to suppress some treacherous tears and hid his face over Elaine’s blonde hair before whispering. “Now I think it’s me who should thank you.” 

She parted and looked at him, curious. 


Ban kissed her on the forehead. 

“For making this world a better place for me,” he muttered over her blond hair. “For someone who never had a thing and who everyone was giving up on–you’re like a blessing in the flesh, Elaine. And I wish we could do everything you said.” Then the human took her chin in one hand and looked into his beloved’s eyes before adding. “But together, ‘til the end.”

Elaine smiled even wider before kissing him again.

“Hey, Elaine.”

“Yes, Ban?” 

“Do you remember what I promised you so many years ago? What you told me when we met again?”

Elaine blushed like a ripe pomegranate.

“Well… Not that I like to remember that moment.”

Ban raised an eyebrow and turned towards it, intrigued. 

“And why is that?” He wanted to know. 

For him, it had been one of the happiest moments of his life―why didn’t Elaine want to think about it? His beloved, for her part, looked away with a halo of sadness that she didn’t have a few seconds before.

“I hurt you because of unfounded jealousy, guided by Melascula. Every time I remember…”

Elaine shuddered unwillingly and embraced herself, embarrassed to the core. However, Ban only shook his head and forced her to look at him again with infinite tenderness, when he understood what she meant. 

“Hey, hey. I wanna be clear about one thing, Elaine. I could never, ever judge you for the way you are,” he whispered. “No creature in this world is black or white on the inside, neither you nor I,” he smiled tenderly. “But I want you to know that’s precisely those nuances that make you most special to me. You’re perfect, just as you are. Don’t ever doubt it, okay?”

After a second of hesitation, Elaine smiled with obvious embarrassment, still red as a tomato. 

“Alright. Although I could say the same about you,” she said, sincere. “You are the best man I have ever known.”

Ban lured her in for a kiss, moved by that statement; for the first few seconds, the two lovers devoted themselves only to exploring the nooks and crannies of each other’s mouths, in love to the core. But, without almost pretending it, the growing intensity of their kisses meant that, shortly after exchanging some not-at-all decent caresses, their bodies ended up linking again with sweetness, between moans and gasps of joy, for several minutes that became too short. 

Their skins seemed to understand each other without the need for anything else. They didn’t even need to use their mental connection to convey what they wanted to do. When they finished the second round, both were so short of breath that neither was almost able to talk. At least until a good while later, when Elaine opened her mouth first.

“Well… So, what did you want to tell me, then?”

The human giggled in response, as he finished regaining his sanity, but then he tilted his head with some insecurity. He had been brooding on the idea for some time. However, he was not sure that she would accept it at first.

“Well… I was thinking,” he started, linking his fingers with hers above the sheet, “would you like us, now that everything is calmer, to fulfil that dream of travelling together that we had?”

Ban had lowered his voice almost to a whisper, not knowing what she would say. His most fearful side thought that, perhaps, the responsibility in the Fairy King Forest was still something she would have to fulfil forever. Tied to him or not. 

However, Elaine’s reaction was quick. And it dismissed, at a stroke, any doubts that Ban might have. The fairy put her hands to her mouth immediately, mute with surprise and her eyes shining with emotion. 

“Ban…”, she whispered, with apparent disbelief. “Would you… Would you do it for me? Are you serious? Can we do it?”

He laughed. 

“Of course, I’m serious! If you–you can, of course.”

Elaine seemed to meditate on it for a second, with her breath somewhat agitated. 

“Well… As we talked about at the time, if my brother returned to the Forest, in principle, I would not have to be the guardian out of obligation. So yes!” She said, with renewed joy. “Of course, I could!”

Ban smiled and put one arm around her, drawing her to himself with immense love. 

“That’s the best news you could give me,” he said, delighted. “I was thinking, that we could profit and taste the best beers in Britannia,” he proposed, amusingly. “What do you think?” 

Elaine, on the other hand, only giggled again and kissed him eagerly.

“I think it’s a perfect plan,” she replied against lips. “When do we leave?”

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