Cover reveal – “Landeron I: The Oracle’s daughter”

Good morning, my loves!

This is a very special month for me because I may gladly inform you that, yeah… the final translations of 2 of my novels are just around the corner!

One of them, the one coming at the fastest pace, is no doubt the one for which I want to present to you its cover today. Again, the work is done by Alexia Jorques and is a copy of the original cover in the Spanish version.

Besides, you may find below the official synopsis of the novel, translated by Olivia Caputo (US) through Babelcube publishing and translation services:

Aldin has always felt out of place. In her fifteen years of life as a refugee alongside her parents in the small elf enclave of Lar, she’s never displayed a single one of the gifts for which her race, the oracles, are known. But what if she isn’t who everyone wants her to believe she is? What if there’s another explanation?

The Oracle’s daughter is the first book in the Landeron saga, a coming of age story that explores the power of friendship, solidarity, and the love that’s possible between people of different origins, whose paths will cross in the fight for survival in an unforgiving world.

Because the only limits that exist are the ones we place on ourselves.

More information about the official publication and release of the novel will come soon! Stay tuned!

Lots of love ❤

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