Eternal Love I (Ban and Elaine)

1. Too soon…

Ban & Elaine, Pinterest

Rooftops. Roofs and more silent roofs as far as the eye can see. My gaze’s lost in its bends, looking for a shadow that’ll never return. No, you don’t belong here but in the trees, the meadows, the flowers… and the place where I deposited your body when it was all over.

Twenty years. Twenty long years. And yet, just out of prison, out of that cell that I entered only because I wanted to suffer, alone, I still miss you every minute and second of my life.

I’m looking for you. I search for you, staring at the sky, where the brightest star is. But I cannot find you. How could I?

Precious memories shared with the dead. Rose petals covering the ground, and suddenly I see you. You’re there, within reach, as if your spirit were playing hide and seek with me. I run after you, you run away, you disappear. Don’t you wanna see me?

You stop. You save me. Your brother’s anger is appeased. You smile. You’re happy to see me. So am I. I want to keep my promise, but I don’t know how yet. 

I gotta tell you:

“Someday, Elaine, I’ll take what’s mine.”

I promise you that. I swear. Someday… When this is all over, I’ll make you mine.

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