Where the heart takes you (Lohse) – Part 3

Andrea wasn't aware that she had fallen asleep, exhausted from crying, until she heard her door open carefully. Of course, not carefully enough for a keen ear like hers not to listen to the slight creak of the hinges. Still, keeping her sword close at hand as she always did when she slept outside the … Continue reading Where the heart takes you (Lohse) – Part 3

Where the heart takes you (Lohse) – Part 2

Hearing this, Andrea had to make a sovereign effort of willpower not to jump off the stool and turn around. After mentally counting to three, somewhat stiff, she was finally able to lift her chin a few feet to her left and face the person who had greeted her. Her reddish hair fell in messy … Continue reading Where the heart takes you (Lohse) – Part 2

Where the heart takes you (Lohse) – Part 1

The tavern of the Black Bull of Driftwood was packed that night when Andrea Ironsoul entered the huge establishment. Her detachment had decided to camp in an area near the east of the village, over the cliffs and the crashing waves of the Reaper's Coast. But Andrea, despite the camaraderie and having found in those … Continue reading Where the heart takes you (Lohse) – Part 1

Brago’s letter (Brago and Sherry)

That day, getting out of bed was more difficult than ever for Brago. After a few months of rest and readjustment, it was time to go back to school, to the tedious daily routine. Finish school someday, graduate, get engaged-- Blah, blah, blah. How boring, he thought, disheartened.  Suddenly, those two years in the human world … Continue reading Brago’s letter (Brago and Sherry)

We won’t surrender (Ban and Elaine)

That night, Benwick Forest slept as if it were any other day coming to an end. The fairies who rested gathered in their little hollows while the guardians stood alert in their positions. But they were not the only ones who could not, or would not, fall asleep. "Hey, Ban..." At the sound of the … Continue reading We won’t surrender (Ban and Elaine)

I knew it would come (Ban and Elaine)

The party was over just a few minutes ago and everyone was leaving the inn, orderly or not, and most of them with more beer than they should in their stomachs. After bidding farewell, Ban and Elaine walked back to Liones together. Ban went forward, hunched over, his eyes fixed on the ground, one hand … Continue reading I knew it would come (Ban and Elaine)

This is Halloween (Cars 3 – Halloween 2020)

Five years after Lightning McQueen's retirement... Images: Disney It had been a long time since the last time Cruz got ready for a party. The light from a small oil lamp was the only thing that allowed her to see her reflection in the mirror. With care and the help of an antenna, she adjusted … Continue reading This is Halloween (Cars 3 – Halloween 2020)

Happy 50th birthday (Vegeta and Bulma, Dragon Ball GT)

A few years after the birth of Bra Briefs...  It was already getting dark over the Western City in that hot summer when Vegeta finally landed at Capsule Corp. While the upper floors were dark, the lower floor and the garden were shining brightly, especially because of the pile of lanterns hanging from end to … Continue reading Happy 50th birthday (Vegeta and Bulma, Dragon Ball GT)

Don’t look back (Hiccup and Astrid)

“Long live the chief! Long live the chief!” That night, no doubt, it was to celebrate. After the defeat of Drago and his army of enslaved dragons, there were two new chiefs on Mema Island. Toothless, who ran around surrounded by his fellow dragons. And Hiccup Horrendous Haddock, the third of his name... who at … Continue reading Don’t look back (Hiccup and Astrid)

About to lose you (Hiccup and Astrid)

Stormfly landed gently on the sand, barely mixing its flapping with the whisper of the waves. Astrid took a deep breath in the smell of saltpetre and felt her body relax―the dinner had certainly been uncomfortable. Apart from having Dagur and Mala as guests, there was still an apparent competition between couples floating in the … Continue reading About to lose you (Hiccup and Astrid)