Our little, big future (Antz) – Chapter 3

Chapter 3. "We will do it--But together" Z, Bala, Azteca & Weaver At the shout, Weaver and Azteca jumped apart as if they got a cramp. But their countenance changed from surprise to mock anger when they saw from whom the reprimand came. "Oh, excuse me, Your Highness!" the female ant poked Z as she … Continue reading Our little, big future (Antz) – Chapter 3

Our little, big future (Antz) – Chapter 2

Chapter 2. It's your responsibility Azteca & Weaver, Antz The sound could barely reach the other end of the hallway. Nevertheless, Weaver had been eavesdropping on the conversation between his best friend and the princess for a while now. Even if he wanted to, he couldn't sleep. The door to the cubicle he and Azteca … Continue reading Our little, big future (Antz) – Chapter 2

Our little, big future (Antz) – Chapter 1

Chapter 1. It's all about the colony Bala & Z, Antz The colony had been asleep for hours. After two long weeks of preparation, the medal ceremony for the heroes, who had saved it from the greedy hands of Mandible, had been carried out with the best and greatest pomp possible. Leaf banners everywhere, music, … Continue reading Our little, big future (Antz) – Chapter 1

A Perfect Start (Rocky and Ginger)

Ginger and Rocky, Chicken Run (Dreamkworks) Rocky was running as he had ever done in his entire life. His little lungs seemed to want to burst at any moment, while his thin legs threatened to make him fall at the least expected instant. But he could not stop. In the intense gloom, he could still … Continue reading A Perfect Start (Rocky and Ginger)

About to lose you (Hiccup and Astrid)

Stormfly landed gently on the sand, barely mixing its flapping with the whisper of the waves. Astrid took a deep breath in the smell of saltpetre and felt her body relax―the dinner had certainly been uncomfortable. Apart from having Dagur and Mala as guests, there was still an apparent competition between couples floating in the … Continue reading About to lose you (Hiccup and Astrid)

Out of curiosity (Cars 3)

Summer, four years after Lightning McQueen's retirement... “Cruz has the ball... She moves, dodges her opponents... She avoids a tackle, controls, moves towards the line and... YES, IT GOES IN!” The little girl, after avoiding several cones located on the side of the road next to the Doc Hudson Museum, kicked the ball with the … Continue reading Out of curiosity (Cars 3)