#FanficThursday – “In times of peace” (Seven Deadly Sins) – Chapter 20

Chapter 20 – What will he say when he knows?

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Elaine & Ban in bed, S4 NNT anime

That night, the Forest of the Fairy King seemed to shine with an inner light. After a late-night party where all the fairies had gathered around the big tree, celebrating Ban’s return from Liones in their way, he and Elaine had sent Lancelot to bed. Then, they headed off to their bedroom: a large, dimly lit space with a few lightning-blooms, located a couple of floors above his son’s, inside the tree. In that space, on the big bed of leaves and flowers they had been sharing for almost a decade, Ban and Elaine could be themselves without fear of being disturbed – and they knew it. Once they were both naked, the human felt his whole body pulse as Elaine delivered once again to him. Her legs, trembling under his kisses, were still as perfect as when they first slept together, almost twelve years ago. 

Camouflaging a half-smile at the memory of that occasion, when he was almost more frightened than she was, and after making her reach ecstasy without effort, Ban ascended through the exposed body of his lover and wife. Slowly, he marked with his lips and his caresses every nook and cranny of her delicate fairy curves and enjoyed every moan and pant of her. After the pregnancy, fortunately, all her tissues had returned to normal with an almost astonishing speed. There was one thing, though, that had remained more or less unchanged, but it drove Ban crazy – more than he was willing to admit. And that was that Elaine had kept two beautiful breasts, smooth and rounded after the swelling of her breastfeeding. Maybe it was just a sign of maturity or a divine consequence of that first cross between humans and fairies in the whole history of Britannia. But was there even a reason to complain about it?

As they linked their bodies, Elaine received him with an anxious groan, letting him set the pace and take her as only he knew how. She didn’t know if she would ever get pregnant again or not, but it was clear to her that she would never give up the pleasure with Ban. As they moved as one, the world around them almost disappeared from their consciousness until they finished making love after several minutes of sweet and intense enjoyment, wishing that the night would never end. 

Their minds worked as one, interconnected after decades. Ban’s physique, achieved in Purgatory, managed to keep pace through the years without much training. Elaine could only ask to hold him in her arms, and though she knew the end for him would come in perhaps another few decades, the fairy treasured each moment with Ban as if it were the last of their lives. And she also knew that the day they left, they would do it together. But, until then–

“Oh, my God, Ban–” Elaine gasped as they parted, falling side to side on the soft bed. 

He faced her out of the corner of his eye.

“I was gonna say–just the same,” he muttered, choppy. “Fuck–This feels terrific.”

Elaine laughed before turning to him.

“I’m starting to think you should go on a trip more often–” she sighed, before letting herself be held in his manly arms and resting her head on his chest. “These reunions are most exciting–“

Under her face, Ban’s pectorals shook with a chuckle.

“Well, I love doing this with you; whenever.”

Elaine pouted at him.

“And who said otherwise, young man?” She accused him, hitting him with a mocking finger on the nose and making him laugh again. “I love it too. But you have to admit that holding back for a few days has a point–“

Ban shook his head.

“You’re becoming a very clever fairy, aren’t ya?” He teased her.

Elaine laughed at every response, following his mood. Right after, she lay again on his side and started to run a finger over his marked muscles. Outside, fireflies were roaming the forest, creating whimsical shadows. Some of them had even landed on the edge of the trunk hole that served as the bedroom window. Nothing could break the stillness of that moment. At least until Elaine let her voice be heard again in a relaxed whisper.

“Hey, Ban.”


“What exactly happened in Liones between Tristan and Lance?”

At her side, Ban stirred, although Elaine could not say whether it was discomfort, fun, or both.

“Well–Let’s say that the two little ones wanted to confront each other to see who’s stronger. In the end, that little rascal Tristan ended up catching our toddler off guard.”

Elaine sighed bitterly against his skin.

“I don’t know who they remind me of, to be honest”.

Ban chuckled under her face.

“Nope–Of course not.”

“And–what about the other thing?”

Her husband raised an interested eyebrow.

“Which ‘other’ thing?”

Elaine raised her head.

“You know, the issue about telling them about what happened ten years ago. How did the prince take it?”

“Much better than expected. Although he had a slightly wrong idea of what had happened.”

“I can imagine,” Elaine sighed, leaning back against his chest.

Ban hesitated for a moment, and his wife sensed it. However, she only had to effortlessly approach his heart to hear what was going on in his head. The fairy woman shook her blonde hair – so Lancelot knew it too now.

“How fast they grow, don’t they?”

“Time flies when you are happy, of course. Although there are things that will never erase from our memory.” 

Elaine smiled, cradled against his skin. However, something was still hanging over Ban’s head like an annoying insect, and his wife sensed it immediately.

“You’re worried, Ban,” she said, without asking. 

She preferred him to take the first step. Something that, after several minutes, happened.

“I was thinking about–What Lancelot would say if he knew what I was before the Seven Sins. Before–You.”

Elaine swallowed hard to undo an involuntary lump in her throat. Both had told Lancelot stories during those years. For example, the tale about the tree-imprisoned princess and thief who wanted to steal her greatest treasure. Who, in the end, fell deeply in love with her. Or, on some occasions, they told him about how a brave knight who was cursed rescued a dead princess he loved and brought her back to life, thus sacrificing his unjustly gained immortality. But, to date, he had not been told that, in reality, these fairytale characters only reflected how the two of them met. 

From what Ban had sensed, Gowther had also given that truth to Lance. And the King of the Forest did not know whether to feel comfortable or betrayed by it. However, before that–

“You had a difficult childhood, Ban,” she whispered then. “It wasn’t your fault.”

Her beloved clicked his tongue, looking up at the ceiling.

“I also made bad decisions that I could’ve avoided,” he argued, thoughtfully, with a certain sad air.

Elaine joined in with a half-smile.

“Well, there’s one I’m glad you didn’t avoid.”

Ban laughed mournfully.

“I guess it depends on which part of the story we’re talking about, right?”

But, to his surprise, Elaine immediately shook her head.

“My love. Everything we do leads us to be what we are,” she said then, bending over his chest until their faces almost touched. “And something tells me that neither you nor I would be what we are now without our past mistakes.” With sweetness, the fairy pulled away from a rebellious tuft of fringes without stopping looking at him. “I changed for you–But, deep down, I know that you changed for me too–” He grimaced at her without pungency, knowing what she meant. “You are not the same one who came to the Sacred Tree that day, am I wrong?”

Ban smiled, touched, as he caressed her cheek and neck with care.

“Not a bit,” he said, before pushing her back to his chest, holding her all the way. “You made my world change, Elaine. And I’d never be able to thank you enough.”

Elaine smiled in turn, somewhat more pointedly.

“And, you know, I think without your thieving skills you wouldn’t be the same either.”

The man laughed heartily.

“You think so?”

The fairy nodded, trying to hide her amusement with poor success.

“Fully. I remind you that before you arrived, humans were hardly allowed in here–How else could one of them have stolen my heart in such a way?”

Ban laughed louder.

“Well, I’d say it wasn’t difficult, wouldn’t ya?”

Elaine made a false gesture of displeasure before trying to hit him on the shoulders.

“Hey! Don’t get so cocky, you!”

As she should have expected, the fairy woman ended up two seconds later imprisoned under Ban’s body, gently immobilized and not at all afraid.

“You didn’t let me finish–ain’t anyone ever tell you that it’s rude to interrupt people when they’re speaking?”

Elaine raised an eyebrow.

“Oh, yeah? And what were you gonna say?” She mimicked his accent, taunting.

To which Ban responded sweetly, before bending over to kiss her:

“I’d just say that, if we’re talking about stealing hearts, you’re a much better thief than I am–Ain’t ya, miss?”


Hello, loves. Yeah, this is the last episode of this fanfiction and the section for now. Of course, our characters from Thursdays are taking a little summer vacation around here, so we will be back with new #FanficThursday episodes for new couples and new stories from September 2021. Stay tuned to the blog and our social media not to miss anything new!

Love you! ❤

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