#FanficThursday – “In times of peace” (Seven Deadly Sins) – Chapter 7

Chapter 7 – Be prepared for anything

When Elaine woke up, the sun was falling on the horizon, on the other side of the window. The fairy, somewhat frightened, got worried and looked around. She was disoriented at first and became calmer when she recognized the room in the inn.

“Ban…?” she called, unsure.

But it was clear that her beloved was not there with her. Confused, Elaine scanned the bedroom corners again, checking that his travel bag was next to one of the walls. 

What–? she began to wonder.

For her peace of mind, the door just opened, and the tall figure of Ban appeared through the lintel.

“Ah! Good! “You’re awake!” He chanted as a cheerful greeting as soon as he saw her rising on the sheets. Then he came over to sit on the edge of the bed. “How’re you?”

Elaine rubbed her head, feeling a slight embarrassment creeping up her face.

“Well…” She hesitated. “I think–better than before I fell asleep…”

Ban smiled, understanding.

“You’ll get used to the rate, I promise you,” he assured her, without any bitterness and neither making any direct allusion to the number one consequence of that involuntary nap of the young woman. “Travelling has this kinda issues–“

Elaine smiled back at him, slightly more relaxed, before moving a little closer to him and, kneeling on the mattress, and bowing her head over his shoulder.

“So–what have you got there?” she asked, curious.

Indeed, Ban was carrying some bundles in his hands. Moreover, he did not hesitate to show them to Elaine as soon as she asked. One of them was an embroidered jacket for the girl who avoided the wings since it only joined one sleeve to another through a strip of cloth on the top. To Ban’s inner joy, it fit her like a glove. The delivery gave back an intense kiss that the human would have eternalized. But Elaine was immediately interested in the other purchases – like the leather jacket for him with a matching tight long-sleeved shirt, for the coldest days. 

“I think we’re ready to travel with this, aren’t we?” She said, running her hand over the soft wool inside the jacket.

Ban chuckled in response.

“I’d say so,” he said, before leaning over to take the last packet – an earthenware pot which gave off a slight heat. 

Besides, a rather tempting smell came out of the slits in the lid. Elaine made a questioning gesture. To which Ban replied with a half-mocking smile:

“I thought, after the hangover, you’d be hungry…”

The fairy turned red like a sunset, thinking about how embarrassing it was to have gotten drunk on just one beer; but Ban dismissed it immediately before sitting at the foot of the bed on the carpet and opening the pot in front of his crossed legs. Elaine followed suit, feeling her guts roar, before letting Ban’s loving arm welcome her to his side.

“Did you prepare it?” she asked, curious, as she tasted the first spoonful.

Ban shook his head, making a funny face at the same time.

“Nope. Though I think next time I’ll tell the cook I’d better do it myself…“ Elaine laughed out loud, making him turn around like a spring. “Hey! What’s so funny?”

Elaine winked at him and replied, bitingly:

“Come on, don’t be a whiner! It’s not that bad–“

Ban narrowed his eyes. That comment unintentionally hurt his pride as a cook. But it was just a second before he realized what she was up to–he smiled.

“Well, well… are you trying to taunt me, missy?” Elaine, for her part, slowly and deliberately put a spoonful in her mouth. Unable to help it, Ban laughed. “It’s okay. If I wasn’t so hungry, you’d pay for this– But–“Ban licked the spoon with intention while looking at the fairy, “for this time, I’m gonna let it pass…”

However, the provocations did not end there. While they were still eating, and although Ban regretted in part that he didn’t have a proper table in the room where his princess could eat as it should be, at one point the human saw that Elaine had stained the corner of her lip. He gently lifted her chin and, to her surprise, kissed the spotted area, then gently stroked it with the tip of his tongue.

To the fairy, on the other hand, to say that it surprised her and aroused her in equal parts would be an understatement. Before that gesture, between tender and gallant, the young woman noticed a pleasant chill rising between her wings that had nothing to do with the temperature around. Ban, on the other hand, stood back like nothing happened while opening a beer. Of course, to Elaine, it took a couple of seconds to react. During which, without realizing it, her gaze got caught by his side face while he drank. Without wanting to, the fairy began to notice a familiar warmth taking over her body. So, as if on impulse, she then stood next to her beloved and lent a hand to the bottle he was holding between his fingers, just at the time he separated it from his lips and lowered it. 

To his clear surprise, she then kissed his moist mouth in a way that Ban almost drained the beer from between his fingers. Luckily, the former bandit’s sanity lasted long enough to, instead of throwing his arm away, gird it around Elaine’s waist and force himself not to do anything crazy, with the beer still in his hand. However, it was clear that she was not going to make it easy for him. Without realizing it, the two had just crossed a line that neither was willing to back down. Since they had first slept together and, even more so, since peace was a fact in Liones, the spark between their bodies showed up more quickly each time they were intimately together. 

When they separated, moreover, the fairy whispered, before he was even able to spin a coherent thought and verbalize it:

“May I sip that, Ban?”

For every response, the human raised his hand like an automaton and handed her the bottle. Elaine, for her part, did not even stop to think about what she was doing. One second after, she raised her arm and took an intense gulp of beer, noticing his scarlet eyes stuck in her face at all times. As she drank, the young woman nearly choked when the harsh, yet erotic thought that Ban had just had on her came to her mind with crystal clarity. 

However, the fairy woman forced herself to finish the movement, swallow and lower the bottle again with forced slowness. She knew what could happen after that–no, what was going to happen. And she was aware of what they both thought about it. That was why barely a tenth of a second after, their eyes crossed and everything happened so fast that Elaine didn’t even have time to react–Deep down, she didn’t want to either. 

First, Ban caught her lips with his, going around every bend with his tongue to get all the beer leftovers and causing an involuntary moan to the fairy. Then, he took the bottle out of her hand and lifted her in his arms, dodging the dinner stew by a whisker. And before he threw her on the bed, he thought audibly:

Fuck dinner, my love. This has only just begun.

The next morning, Elaine woke up as the sun was beginning to rise over the horizon. The seagulls flying over the harbour made her open her eyes, sleepy, before stretching out, yawning discreetly and sitting up, looking outwards with naive curiosity. Then her eyes slowly flew to her companion in the bed, which brought an embarrassed smile to the fairy’s face. Ban slept on his stomach, naked as a baby and barely covered by the jumble of the sheets. Besides, he was fully encircling the pillow with his arms. As she watched his eyelashes flutter in his sleep, Elaine would swear that she had never seen his face so free of tension. The girl bit her lip–It was the perfect time to carry out her plan.

Then the fairy slipped with the greatest of care out of bed; knowing by intuition that Ban would not wake up at once, but just in case. Elaine dressed in the previous day’s costume and wrapped up in her new jacket, without making a sound. Then, with bated breath, she went over to Ban’s clothes to get some coins from the pouch. She knew, in part, that perhaps she was doing wrong. Even if he used it for both of them, she had no right to take that money. But after taking three deep breaths, the fairy woman got convinced that her intentions would merit any possible reprimand. 

When Elaine finally made it out of the bedroom, wrapped in her cape and with the money safe, Ban was still asleep as a log and had not moved an inch from his previous position. 

Even better, sighed the fairy to herself, tenderly. Let’s hope he stays that way when I return.

Even at that early time of the day, the air of the small village was cold. Elaine snapped back into her cloak, damp to the bone and hoping for a moment to return to the warmth of her lover’s bed and body. However, a single image of what might result from her little escape was enough to keep her steps forward, one by one, until she reached her goal.

The little shop, to her relief, was already opening. She had caught a glimpse of it the day before as they strolled, before arriving at the tavern where they ate; but, at the time, Elaine hadn’t dared to ask Ban to come in. Now, feeling more lucid and after reflecting on the idea during the sleepless part of the night, just watching Ban’s back while he slept, cradled by the moonlight and the gentle nighttime hustle and bustle of the town, Elaine knew that she had to do that. 

After all, had anything brought them together more than that little diary riddled with beer labels? For Ban, it had been a treasure, more than anything else–and now, travelling to taste that golden drink, Elaine saw a unique opportunity to make him even happier. So, after inhaling again to gather enough courage, the fairy decided to go one step further and push the door open.

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