#FanficThursday – “In times of peace” (Seven Deadly Sins) – Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – A Sweet Pleasure

Elaine woke up the next morning with her whole body aching, but it wasn’t a bother. On the contrary―it was a sweet itch as if she had done too much physical exercise. And the reason for it was the one snoring placidly on the other side of the large bed.           

Elaine sighed and stretched out like a cat, almost imitating her lover every morning; before she stood up and went to the window, undressed, to look out on a day that looked perfect. 

Her beloved had arrived exhausted from fighting Chaos; although, fortunately, it seemed that the fight had almost cleared him of his drunkenness. But when the two lovers had finally returned to Elaine’s house, one look was enough to dilute everything else around them. 

After slamming the door behind them, gasping for breath and barely speaking, Ban and Elaine had ripped each other’s clothes off before they went off to enjoy their love until sunrise. The sex had been tender as ever. And the interludes, where they talked about all that could bring them a future together, sweet and perfect as they regained their strength between the sheets. At least before resuming, a few minutes later, their physical activity as if it were the first round. And Elaine felt a pleasant fluttering in her stomach every time she thought about the plan they had drawn up for their immediate future. 

“Well, well…”

Elaine turned as if poked and almost covered herself with her hands on instinct. Ban was watching her from the bed. He had one arm behind his head and an expression on his face so full of intention that it almost made the fairy redden. 

“I didn’t expect you to wake up so soon,” she said, hiding her gaze as best she could. “You were sleeping like a log.”

Ban smiled even more, almost with a wolfish expression. 

“C’mon, Elaine. With such a view at hand, no one’d fall asleep…”

She giggled and brushed her hair behind her ears, feeling her cheeks burning, before lingering towards the edge of the bed and grabbing his fingers as soon as she did. 

“Last night was great, wasn’t it?” Whispered the young woman.

Ban chuckled eloquently. 

“’ course. I don’t remember having such a busy night in a long time,” he joked, making Elaine smile again. “The only problem is that I don’t think I’ll be able to move from bed today,” he added, stretching between the sheets. “But it was worth every second, I agree.”

Elaine smiled even more before her body bowed, as if of its own accord, to kiss him. Ban stood up a few inches, leaning on one elbow, while the other arm wrapped around the fairy woman’s wasp waist and drew her in. Their lips joined together unhurriedly, recognizing every inch of each other’s skin as if for the first time. The caresses between the two became less innocent as the seconds passed, above and below the sheets. Ban, however, was the first to decide to go a step further. 

When the human slipped a careful hand between her legs, Elaine sighed and settled down to give him room to maneuver. Sometimes the difference in size between them was a small inconvenience when trying certain love tricks. In this case, however, it was quite the opposite. His expert touch tore an anxious groan from Elaine that echoed between their intertwined lips. But he refused to stop until he heard that other, intense, heavenly moan next to his ear; the one that indicated that his lover had reached paradise first thing in the morning. Elaine, on the other hand, had barely recovered her sanity when she raised her head to face him, defeated and panting. 

“Wow, Ban… I see you’re in great shape, huh?”

The human, for his part, held a grimace of dark lust as he raised the hand around her waist and deposited it on her cheek, pulling her blond hair back with care. 

“Well, I couldn’t pass up this opportunity as you stood… And you’re not doing too badly yourself.”

The fairy made a funny face. She had only just begun to get used to these kinds of games but loved them. That’s why she only showed half a smile, the one she reserved exclusively for him in privacy, as the first response to his provocation. 

“Do you want to know how much I can take, then?” She asked right away, challenging and playful.

Ban looked at her, incredulous before he burst out laughing. Hit and sunk. 

“Well, well… I see this morning’s gonna be interesting…”

Elaine, on the other hand, did not even blink while lifting the sheets with agility. Then she hid underneath before Ban could hold her. Delighted and curious at the same time, her lover continued to mumble until a hoarse moan, followed by a strong curse, escaped from his throat without remedy as a consequence of Elaine’s already expert kisses. 

Ban closed his eyes, believing himself unable to endure. Nevertheless, his lover was beginning to know what she was doing. She demonstrated it when she chuckled under the covers. Before her sweetness, the human chose to surrender. That was so wonderful that it seemed a lie. Besides, where had Elaine learned so much about making love? 

When the fairy girl came out from under the sheets a few minutes later― having completed her work and leaving Ban panting like a racehorse―he hissed something very unpleasant, drew her to himself and kissed her roughly. Anxiously running the tongue around every corner of her mouth―it tasted like him. And it drove him crazy. If they had not just loved each other, the human swore that he’d have restarted the cycle without a second thought, until both of them fell defeated on the mattress.

“When did you say you’re going to do that?” Asked Elaine, curious. 

Caught by surprise, Ban cursed to himself, though he did not stop laughing in the meantime. So she’d heard what he had in mind…

“Hey, miss, don’t be in such a hurry,” he purred, stroking her chin with one finger as she smiled, flirtatiously. “Let me breathe…”

Elaine, for her part, only laughed with obvious amusement. At least before obediently getting off his body and lying on the sheets, next to him. As if it were a choreography, Ban turned and surrounded her with a cuddly arm. 

“Elaine. You’re amazing.”

She smiled, suddenly looking more like the innocent fairy she was in front of the rest of the world.

“It’s nothing. I just–like to make you happy,” she whispered. “And, about your question earlier…” The girl pointed to his forehead. “I think someone has interesting thoughts when they think I’m not looking, don’t you?”

Caught in the trap again, Ban could not help but laugh out loud―it hadn’t crossed his mind, of course. 

“Well, I appreciate that you know me so well; although we don’t always have to do it ‘cause I want to or imagine it, you know?”

Elaine nodded with a chuckle. 

“Yes, of course, I do. But–I also know that you wouldn’t want to do anything that would put me at risk. Besides,”-The young woman shrugged- “I want to learn. I want to know how to make you enjoy yourself, and I want both of us to make these moments magical. Weren’t you the one who told me a few days ago that other couples fall into a routine and sometimes women only go to bed for commitment and to have children?” 

Ban smiled sadly. 

“Yeah, that happens quite often.”

Elaine kissed him on the cheek. 

“Well, I’ve promised myself that I don’t want that to happen between us. What do you think?”

Ban imitated her gesture, moved, before embracing her and only responding in his mind, for her. 

Same to you, my love. From today forever.

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