Eternal Love IV (Ban and Elaine)

4. I cannot wait

Ban & pregnant Elaine, CrisZeldris1

I’m watching you. I’m staring at you without even believing that this is real―you’re pregnant. We’re gonna have a child.

Your belly moves and you’re surprised, with that sweetness and that way of blushing that drives me crazy―yeah, we’ve been told repeatedly. It’s the first time that a human and a fairy have conceived together, that they’d have a child.

So what? Who said anything about fear? I want this to go well. I’m looking forward to the day when we can hold our little boy in our arms. I want to be by your side and kiss you when that happens to celebrate. I want to be happy by your side more than anything in this world.

When you ask me what we’re gonna name the baby, I can’t help it― I almost laugh. I’ve thought about it so much the last few days that I’m almost surprised you didn’t notice.

When you hear my suggestion, you smile and look at me, with so much love that I wanna just lean over and kiss you until I lose my breath, until the baby arrives if necessary. I love you, Elaine. I love you so much I can’t believe this dream life is real.

As you caress the bulging belly under the cloth, I lie beside you and join my hand to yours. It’s ours. It’ll be ours. And I don’t care how long it takes. He, you and I will always be one.

Together ’til the end.

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