#FanficThursday: The Only One (Camille and Moose) – Step Up – Chapter 16

Chapter 16 – I’m a Stupid (New York)

Camille and Moose, Step Up 3

A few days later

The day is sunny even though it’s already mid-November, and the temperature is so pleasant that I can still walk around in shirt sleeves. When I’m about to walk out the door of the university’s rectory, I take a deep breath―I don’t know how, but I’ve managed to get into two careers, which appeal to me in different ways: engineering, lights, technology…I’ve always been good at them. But dance…I don’t want to believe it too much, I’ve never wanted to, but everyone around me says I was born to it. And, just in case, since with any chord my body responds alone, I want to try if it can become something else.

Camille is waiting for me sitting on a bench, a few feet to my right. Without her being aware, I watch her for a few seconds and tell myself again that I’m the biggest idiot on the planet. I’ve watched her grow up; after she went to New York on an exchange in high school, when I switched to MSA, I thought I’d lost her forever and it was the most unpleasant feeling of my life. But when she came back, she became my best friend and we promised that we would always be together, I assumed it was only natural.

However, now I look at her and I see something else. The way she tilts her chin to look at the people passing by, her hands clasped and hidden between her knees, her frown slightly furrowed when she is self-absorbed…I sigh without being able to avoid surrendering to the obvious and evident―something inside me jumps and bounces like me when I dance if she looks at me, smiles at me, or hugs me. The week I spent almost without seeing her, cornered in her indifference, after Halloween, made me realize that it is very true what they say about ‘you don’t know what you have until you lose it’.

Like an idiot, I had always assumed that Camille would be there for me and me for her; but I’ve also seen what happens when you don’t keep your end of the bargain. And yes, I told her she was my best friend in the whole world. But part of my hard head is wondering if it wouldn’t be possible…Mmm no―it’s Camille, she’s my best friend. That would be weird, right?

I watch her stir on the bench, impatient and look at the door. So it is not too loud that I’m spying on her, I decide to move in her direction as casually as possible. Indeed, as soon as I approach the bench she jumps like a spring and approaches me.

“Well?” She asks me.

And I, seeing her standing there with her eyes like plates, hanging on my every gesture, I recognize that I cannot resist making her a little angry.

“Well, I…ahm…” I’m pausing dramatically and loosely as if I don’t want the thing. “I’m already in two studies, so…”

Her reaction makes me so happy that I laugh without wanting to. She jumps, screams hug me…and I laugh again and hug her too, delighted. Now I know more than ever that I can count on her, that I love her and not just as a friend. But when she separates from me and looks at me again, I unwillingly turn away. I’d like to kiss her, but I’m afraid she’ll get away and spoil the moment, so I’ll just tell her:

“Cam, thanks for being there for me.”

She smiles and, after a while, says to me:

“You’re welcome.”

Suddenly, the world seems to stop. We’re still holding hands, looking at each other in silence…But the moment passes when Cam lets go of me, runs a lock of hair behind my ear in a hurry, and tells me we have to go say goodbye to Luke and Natalie.

See? Theirs is a love story with a happy ending. I wish I could have one like it. But the only reminder of that spark in front of the rectorship is how Camille takes me by the hand again and drags me off to Central Station almost at a run.

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